Bored Kids? Try this Engaging Movement Activity at Home!

Bored kids?  Here’s the ticket! The activity below will help them get up and move!  Parents, watch the video with your children, then pretend to move like squirrels, in the sand, like a caterpillar, and so much more! These kinds of fun activities you can expect when you and your child join our wonderful, engaging, and energizing Kindermusik classes! Try it out!

Here’s a fun way to move! Watch the video to see how the animals move, then you can try it too!

Posted by Music Moments featuring Kindermusik and Private Music Instruction on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wasn’t that fabulous fun! Parents, any time you take time to focus on your child without other distractions, the bond you have with your child grows. Plus, the more you play with them, the more they learn and retain, just because you did it with them!  You can have more marvelous movements with your child at your Kindermusik class. Enroll Today!

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