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Music and Learning is what Music Moments is all about! From age zero to 100, we can provide music lessons for you and your child that will last you a life time!

17Jan 2019

New Year, New Location, New Friends!

Happy 2019, Kindermusik Families!  I am excited to announce our new, fantastic location at Duet Dance Academy. We’ll be meeting at 2870 East Cherokee Drive Canton, GA 30115.  Our first class will be a FREE Preview Class on Saturday, January 26, 2019!  There will be a 10 a.m. class for ages 0 – 2 years, and a class at 11.a.m. for ages 0 – 7 years. Reserve your space, today!  Just let us know below:


25Sep 2018
Playing zig zag blocks
Playing zig zag blocks

Zig-Zag blocks are great fun!

51 Reasons to Protect Arts Education

Across the education system budgets are being squeezed. Sadly, the first thing to be placed on the chopping board is often Arts Education. This is no surprise because, all too often, success is measured solely on academic outcomes.

But here’s the thing: the arts are vital for our children and they need to be saved!

If you need convincing, here are 51 reasons why music, art, dance, and drama is so important for our kids:

Being immersed in arts cultivates cognitive abilities, nurtures positive character traits, and fosters critical thinking. It’s true for babies, kids, and teens. This is why it’s so important for parents and arts educators to make their voices heard.

Basically, the arts rock! and it’s vital they remain at the heart of our education system.

Learn more about the benefits of Arts Education here:

25Sep 2018

Peek-a-boo, new friend!

Bring a Friend, Make a Friend

Starting THIS Saturday, January 26, 2019, all fantastic friends are invited to Kindermusik.  Come and make a new friend and bring a new friend a long with you!  Singing, dancing, and learning is much more fun with fabulous friends!  You, your child, and your friends will have  marvelous musical moments that will lead to lifelong learning and lifelong friendships.  Here’s all the details:

  • Begins Saturday, January 26
  • 10 a.m. Ages 0 – 2 years.
  • 11 a.m. Ages 0 – 7 years.
  • Duet Dance Academy: 2870 East Cherokee Drive Canton, GA 30115
  • Continues each Saturday with more classes coming soon on Tuesdays!
  • Please CONTACT Miss Bonnie to reserve a spot for your child and your friends! (Use form below)
  • Bring a friend and receive a special musical gift!

See You Saturday!

01Aug 2018

Attention Parents of Hickory Flat, Canton, Woodstock, Milton, and Cumming!

Your child is in for a special treat with our Kindermusik Playdate!

Your child will sing sensational songs, play rockin’ rhythms, and dance to groovy music in our one time class or playdate, Our World.  While we’re floating down the river in our hoola hoop boats having fantastic fun with fast and slow, your child will not even know he or she is loving learning!  Whether it’s musical concepts like fast or slow, cooperating with new friends, or learning to stop and listen, your child will practice the important life and learning skills he or she will need everyday.

Saturday, August 18, 2018 at Canton Arts Academy

10 AM:  Your baby or young toddler will love listening to the bee and squirrel sounds, tracking bubbles with his eyes, feeling the changes of movement as he or she is dancing with you! (Ages 0 – 2)

Sign up  Your Baby:

11 AM: Your toddler will have a fabulous time playing egg shakers to the beat, walking and rolling in the green grass,  riding fast and slow in our hoola hoop boats, and jamming with you! (Ages 2-3)

Sign up Your Toddler:

12PM: At noon, your preschooler will love our parachute balloon, hoola hoop boats, and practicing rhythms on the drums and keyboard.  You’ll enjoy seeing what they’ve learned, because they will be excited to show you! (Ages 3-4)

Sign up Your Preschooler or Big Kid:

Sign up on the links above or Call Canton Arts Academy to Sign Up, Today!


10Nov 2015

The Kindermusik Advantage

Here’s what one long-time Music Moments parent believes is the advantage of Kindermusik!

Dear Bonnie,

I just wanted to offer my testimony about how your Kindermusik program was a great introduction to music for Emma. She developed an interest and appreciation for the basic fundamentals of music. The participation and creativity gave her an inspiration to learn the piano. The Kindermusik approach is an excellent start, and I recommend it for parents who wish to invest in the life long, rewarding  gift of music for their child.

 Thanks for being a gifted and enthusiastic musician and teacher. Both the foundation of Kindermusik and the excellent piano program are responsible for developing Emma as an accomplished musician and pianist.

May God richly Bless you and your students!

Tom S.  Emma’s Dad, Ellijay, Georgia

Watch Emma play piano at the Atlanta History Center!

04Nov 2015

Rise Up Singing With Your Little Music Maker! 

Kindermusik_561Discover What 99% of Parents Already Recommend

Sensational Stories

Give a Love of Reading

Beautiful Songs and Rhythmic Drumming

Your child will joyfully express his or her inner beat!

Invigorating Dances

Exercise her mind and body!

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