Welcome Parents!  It’s Your Lucky Day! because you and your child are invited to experience beautiful songs, sensational stories, marvelous music, and dances with delight at Kindermusik!


Does your child love to move?  Do you see how much he loves to drum? Or how she coos when you sing softly?  If so, then learning through music will be a great fit for you and your child!

So Rise Up Jingling and join our It’s Your Lucky Day! Playdate on March 8, 2017 at Tara Simon Studios, 1306 Concord Rd. Smyrna, Georgia.

Here’s the Schedule:

11:15 a.m. Ages 2-3 years

12:15 a.m. Ages 0 – 2 years

2:00 p.m. Ages 0 – 7 years

3:30 p.m. Ages 5-7 years!

We’ll dance the Irish Trot,  listen to the seals from the coast of Ireland, pretend to be seals, jingle to the beat, and make new friends as we dance together!  Your child will love their lucky day at Kindermusik!  This playdate is $15 per family which includes one 45 minute class, home activities, an egg shaker to take home, as well as a card with 10 FREE songs to download!

Enroll your child today!  Fill out the form below.

You will receive a confirmation email! Anyone wearing green on March 8 will be eligible to win a treasure at the end of the rainbow!

Plus, when you enroll, your $15 fee for the playdate will apply to your first month of Kindermusik! WoW!!!

While you’re waiting, enjoy the Belfast Hornpipe! Press play and dance together in any which way!