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musical-staff.jpgAre you in Cumming, Georgia and want to learn how to sing? Could you be the next American Idol? Voice lessons (singing lessons) focus on children ages 10 years to adult.  These lessons focus on voice building, not just singing lessons, which means we train your vocal chords to work properly so that they can make the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard! Voice lessons include:IMG_2772

  • Proper posture

  • Breathing techniques

  • Vocal exercises that develop the muscles in the larynx

  • Music Theory: scales and intervals

  • Music Reading: rhythms, melody

  • Composer Studies: listening and learning about major composers

  • Art Songs

  • Recitals, and more!

The voice building program I use to teach students how to sing is really beneficial!  I have recently seen how students are gradually stretching their range, creating purer tones, and feeling more successful at singing.  One of my students couldn’t sing very high and now she is singing much higher.  I also teach voice for boys and men. One man, taking lessons from me, is working on developing his range and finding his voice through the exercises directly designed to help men’s voices go from low to high easily.  Voice building is a better way to learn to sing than just traditional singing lessons.  Traditional singing lessons focus on breathing properly and repertoire.  Voice Building focuses on exercises that actually strengthen the involuntary muscles in the larynx so that the breath can be controlled and any kind of song can be sung.  While Music Moments voice lessons use both approaches, the primary focus is voice building.

Miss Bonnie is also very good at helping your child be more confident with singing. Sometimes, children and teens have a great voice, but are afraid to use it. It can be challenging to sing in front of others.  However, with the confidence that comes from a strong voice, practice in front of small audiences, recitals, and more. Your child or teen will become gradually more willing and confident to share his or her talent with the world!

CALL Miss Bonnie, today, for current openings and schedule! 770-315-1302! Lessons offered in Cumming, Alpharetta, and Ball Ground, Georgia!

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