Music Moments in Early Childhood Classes

Music Moments in Early Childhood Classes: Learn how each class is developmentally and age appropriate for your child’s music learning!

Music Moments Baby Bells is an exciting musical experience for your baby ages 0 – 14 months. Your baby will sing, dance, play rhythm instruments, hear stories, have tummy time, AND explore the piano! Yes, piano “lessons” begin at age zero! Enjoy introducing your baby to real western art music including works by Mozart, Carnival of the Animals, The Four Seasons, and more! Through these great classics, your baby will develop balance, basic letter sounds, rhyme, social skills, steady beat, high/low, and more!

Your toddler or family (ages 0 – 5 years) will enjoy a variety of musical experiences including dances, rhythm instruments, stories, and the piano or keyboard. While you both are having so much fantastic fun, your child will be learning basic preschool concepts, language skills, basic music concepts, make new friends, and more! Preschool concepts include: counting, colors, and shapes. Language skills include rhyme, fluency, and new vocabulary. Music skills include: steady beat, fast/slow, high/low, loud/soft and more. All of these concepts are presented through the lens of great western art music works like: Carnival of the Animals by Camile Saint-Saens, The Four Seasons, by Vivaldi, and The Planets by Holst. Your toddler will explore a real instrument like the piano each week.

Your little 3-4.5 year old rascal will experience and explore a variety of rhythms through movement, instruments, singing, games, and dramatic play. While he/she is having a blast, his/her brain will be learning to distinguish between long and short sounds (rhythm), so-mi-la pitches (singing and melody), and beat and no beat. Your rascal will have a fabulous time dramatizing stories with movement and instruments. Plus, he or she will practice language skills as he/she interacts with new friends. All of these rhythmic experiences will include real western art music and the piano.

Music Moments Melody Makers builds your child’s music skills and prepares them for formal private lessons. Your child will not only explore and experience music concepts, but be required in simple ways to show his or her understanding of each. Your child be prepared for private lessons by learning beat/no beat, high/low, upward/downward, fast and slow beats, legato/staccato, and more. Plus, your child will study all of the instruments of the orchestra, develop his/her singing voice, and practice basic piano techniques each week. Your child will have a notebook for his/her work in the class and the class will participate in recitals.