On the Journey (Testimonials)

Seriously… I didn’t want to leave! This young one wanted to know if it was the last song or not. He wanted to know because he didn’t want to leave. He had a blast!

“[Early Childhood Music] has been such a blessing to our family.  We began in the baby class with Miss Bonnie and it was such a wonderful bonding experience for my son and I.  He still loves to listen to the CD from this [baby] class.  The Sign and Sign class was fantastic when he was beginning to talk.  In his most recent class, Young Child, it has been amazing to see the progression from the start up until now. I am so graeful he has this wonderful base [of musical knowledge] to build on.  I feel like [Early Childhood Music] was invaluable in his language development.  Thanks so much Miss Bonnie.”  Susie from Blue Ridge, GA.

“[Early Childhood Music] has provided my boys with not only an excellent introduction to music, but also an opportunity to build confidence through performance.  I like the way Bonnie taught them several [music] basics in a logical sequence, and then combined everything such that the children learned to read music and performed several short pieces in a manner of weeks.  I also liked the multi-sensory approach – the boys were on their feet, playing games, pretending to be notes on a staff… learning while moving.  Learning about different instruments prompted one of my boys to express interest in studying the flute, which was an unexpected outcome of the class. Finally, the joy of successfully performing at the recital was a phenomenal confidence – builder, the benefits of which will extend to other areas of their live.  Thank you, Miss Bonnie!” – Teri, whose boys were in the Young Child Class, from Ellijay.

“[Early Childhood Music] has been as the opening of a window to behold an expansive horizon for David and Matthew.  It has not only introduced them to music appreciation and it’s related concepts, but has created the opportunity for future musical exploration and enjoyment.”  –  Ulrich, whose boys were in Young Child Class, from Ellijay.

“David’s piano lessons have sparked an interest in making his own compositions.  I believe that that ‘musical spark’ and interest will serve him for a life time.” – Ulrich, whose son has been taking piano for 3 years .

“My two kids have been in Mrs. Bonnie’s music class for the past tow years. They love it and look forward to coming to class every week. As a fellow musician, I tend to be picky about the music teachers that I choose for my kids, but Mrs. Bonnie has more than exceeded my picky expectations. She is kind, patient, and extremely energetic in class. She is also knowledgeable, and you can tell that she truly cares about her students. I highly recommend her and any music classes that she teaches.” Missy from Alpharetta.

“Playing piano has given Nathaniel a sense of pride and confidence knowing he has a skill that most of his classmates do not have.  He loves to show off his talent whenever he has the chance. Without music, I think he wouldn’t be as outgoing. Music has also helped him focus and be dedicated!”  Jennifer, whose son took piano lessons in Ellijay.

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