Does Your Baby Sign?

Does your Baby Sign?

Parents, does your baby use sign language?  Possibly he does, have you noticed?  Your baby can benefit from sign-language in several ways:

  • Signs help your baby communicate without grunting or wailing for simple requests.
  • Signs help your baby feel less frustrated with communication.  Likely she knows the words to say, but cannot yet say them.
  • Sign language helps YOU feel less frustrated as you talk with your baby.  You will both feel relaxed and more bonded together as you communicate well.
  • PLUS: seeing a sign is like reading a word on a page.  As you speak the word and your baby sees the sign, your baby is learning pre-reading skills: matching sounds to a picture!

Once your baby learns signs through play, practice, and music in our Music Moments Baby Bells Class, he or she will develop his or her own ways to sign. It will be similar to the correct sign, but in his or her own way.  Once you recognize the signs they are doing, your communication will be off and running!

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