Music Moments in Early Childhood

Importance of Early Childhood Music Classes

Your child is always growing and developing. Everything he or she sees, hears, does, is processed by the brain and goes into memory. It’s amazing how you can show your 18 month old how to feed her baby a couple of times and she remembers how to do it the next time. Why not help that amazing brain experience, explore, and excel in learning through music? Here’s how your child will benefit:

  • Listening to a variety of musical styles helps your child learn to love and understand music and it’s patterns.
  • Playing rhythm instruments helps your child develop fine motor skills, explore rhythms, and follow directions.
  • Moving to music helps your child learn about the space around him/her, share, and feel the beat.
  • Listening to animal sounds, instrument sounds, and music helps your child discern high and low, smooth and bumpy, loud and soft, long and short.
  • Exploring music with YOU, helps your child bond with you and learn and retain more!
  • Pattern recognition, following directions, steady beat, listening, high/low, and loving music are essential skills before starting private lessons!

Music Moments in Early Childhood Curriculum Distinctives:

Real Western Art Music like Carnival of the Animals, The Four Seasons, and The Planets

Real instruments explored like piano, dulcimer, autoharp, and recorder.

Focus on learning music for music’s sake, but we also include preschool concepts like colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.

We always focus on language skills like listening, rhyming, and fluency. We use a lot of sign language in context!

We always play together and make new friends.

We always have fun and include parents in the learning process!