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Is my baby old enough for music? YES! Your baby’s brain is primed and ready to receive so many words and emotional bonding through   music. We are not teaching your baby to play the trumpet, instead we are giving them the best start to their learning through music and movement. Your baby will receive the words in their brain and bond with you through each song and dance. Your baby’s laughter, relaxation, and excitement at something new will show you how much he or she is learning!

What if my child runs all over the room? Your toddler or preschooler is very active! They love being active. That is great, at Early Childhood Music Class we LOVE being active too! Activity is so much a part of how children are learning!  Each class has a routine and our goal is to guide your child through the routine so they can expect what comes next and learn to behave accordingly. However, they will not always submit to the routine, so we fully expect that, work with the active child, try the activity a new way, and guide them in each lesson.  There is no pressure for your child to be doing what all the other children are doing!

What if my child is too shy? Shyness is also watchfulness. Watching is a part of learning. Your child likes to learn first by watching, then trying it with you, and then trying it all on their own.  It’s a process. Let your child watch, at home you can do it with them, and later they will do it themselves when they are ready. In a Early Childhood Music class its important to expose them to the activities and let their brains process it. There is no pressure for you or your child to be doing exactly what everyone else is doing! Focus on your child and his or her needs.

What is my child is uncooperative? In Early Childhood Music classes, parents are usually in the room or are close by. When they will not obey, please feel free to take them out of class and then bring them back. Please don’t go home. Your child needs to learn that you believe this class is great for him/her and learn to submit to your guidance as a parent. So, please come back and join us, by the time you get back, we will be on a new activity that may catch his/her attention.

When are payments due? Payments are paid by semester.  Make ups are available. Enroll a friend and receive a FREE gift!!

How do I contact Music Moments? You may use any of the social sharing buttons on our website to find us online. You may also email Mrs. Bonnie at [email protected]  or simply call or text Mrs. Bonnie at 770-315-1302.  If Mrs. Bonnie is busy, she will return your call within 24hrs.

Where do I find the Music Moments in Early Childhood Schedule?  Right Here!

How experienced are your teachers? Mrs. Bonnie, owner and instructor, has been teaching music for 23 years. She has taught in public schools, private preschools, and in her own studio. Over the last 23 years, she has learned to predict and help children build the correct skills for playing piano beautifully and not develop as many habits that are hard to break later on. Mrs. Bonnie is a former Kindermusik instructor and is now writing her own curriculum. Mrs. Bonnie expects little ones to run all over or be shy, or be a little out of sorts. Mrs. Bonnie knows this is totally ok, and doesn’t let it bother her. In fact parents have often commented on how she just keeps the lessons going no matter what happens, and everyone learns and has fun anyway!  Mrs. Bonnie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, and a Master’s Degree in Ethnomusicology. All of which help her give you and your child an exceptional experience!

What else does Music Moments offer?   We also offer Play Times where you can have an extra fun Music Moments class.  Mrs. Bonnie also does birthday parties, plays piano for events, and piano/voice students have two recitals a year!  So there’s plenty of wonderful music to bring joy to your family!  Please see our Event Services page, and Birthday Parties and Playdates Page for more information!

When should my child start taking piano lessons? Having taught piano lessons for over 23 years, I believe your child should be able to do the following before piano lessons:

  • Know the letters of the alphabet
  • Be able to count and keep a steady beat
  • Be at least 7 years old
  • Complete Music Moments in Early Childhood Semesters 1 and 2
  • Be ready to be responsible for practicing
  • Be able to sit still for lessons and practicing at home.

When is my child ready for voice or singing lessons? Voice lessons are generally reserved for the teenage years because their voices are more developed. To get your child ready for singing, basic singing skills are taught in early childhood classes and basic music theory is taught in piano. So, through both programs, your child will be ready to work on the process of balancing his or her voice to sing any note on cue!

Music Moments with Mrs. Bonnie Williams

Music Moments with Mrs. Bonnie Williams

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3162 Keenly Ives Court Buford, Georgia 30519


Phone: 770-315-1302


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