Piano Lessons

Are your ready to tickle the ivories?

Piano Lessons

Music Moments offers piano lessons for kids  ages 7 and up.  Adults are also welcome take lessons! So if you’ve always wanted to know how to play piano, now’s your chance! Lessons are offered once a week for 30 minutes and include:

  • Proper hand/body position and technique  through the Suzuki Method

  • Music Reading: learning to read rhythms and melody to the beat.

  • Music Theory: learning to understand chords, scales, and intervals

  • Composer Studies: each student learns about the life of major composers and listens to their music

  • Challenging songs, you’ll enjoy!

  • Recitals, and more!

  • Learn to play for your church!

Students, like this young lady above and this young man to the right, are really learning a lot through the piano lessons they arIMG_2753e taking in Northern Georgia!  Posture, fingering, counting, and composing all are a part of our lessons.  As a piano teacher, I especially enjoy when students finally get a concept aftern struggling with it for a while. I also enjoy playing duets with my students, and I like to show them how to compose music and write it into the Finale computer program.  I am very proud of how my students are progressing!

CALL Miss Bonnie, today, for current openings and schedule! 770-315-1302! Lessons offered in Cumming and Buford, Georgia.

New!   Miss Bonnie is offering piano lessons for Senior adults through a special curriculum designed just for you!  This curriculum helps you learn if you have forgotten how to play, or if you want to start playing, today!  Learning piano is great for your memory and the curriculum is specifically designed to help you learn to read music in a way that you can remember it and promote memory all day.

Music Moments featuring Kindermusik and Private Music Instruction

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