When to Begin?

When to begin?

The number 1 question I am asked as a music teacher is: “when should my child begin piano lessons?”
The conversation ensues something like:
Parent: Mrs. Bonnie, my child really enjoys your music and movement class, but when will Sally be able to start piano lessons?
Me: We’ll, formal lessons need to start when your child can read, count, sit and listen, and is willing to practice.

This is my usual answer, and it is a true, important answer.

However, many parents are not understanding my answer. So here’s my new answer: Piano lessons begin from the beginning! Your child’s musical journey of Piano lessons begin from the beginning. For you see, everything we are doing in Music Moments Early Childhood music and movement classes PREPARES your child for formal lessons AND is also the beginning of piano lessons.

For example, your child needs to be able to count steadily in order to play any instrument. So, we have many times to bounce on mom’s lap, play rhythm sticks to the beat, and move in a variety of ways to the music on cue. PLUS we’ll take our best patterns and try them on the piano, too! We practice from the beginning because the foundation of a strong internal steady beat gives your child the ability to follow the music score and play the piano fluently.

When your child has a solid foundation in steady beat as well as high/low, fast/slow (and more), his or her confidence grows, he or she will want to practice, will improve in reading, and much more!

So when to begin? Begin now, at an early age. Give your child a steady, solid foundation that will prepare him or her for the musical journey of a life time!

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